Greed: A Fictional Narrative Essay examples

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The snow floated down from the heavens on to earth painting glistening white. Just like the named implied whitechapel was covered in a blanket of white. Catherine Eddowes walked home she spots the local newspaper boy passing out information“Hey Missus, care for this morning's paper?” “Yes, boy, how many pounds will this be?” replies Catherine Eddowes. ”Just one pound, Missus.” “Thank you, boy.” She says as she throws the coin to the lad. The boy hides the coin in his hat. The news articles states that a woman by the name of Mary Ann Nichols body has been found on Bucks row in whitechapel her throat had been slit twice from left to right, her abdomen mutilated with one deep wound. A chill ran down Mrs.Eddowes spine she was not sure if it…show more content…
After some time the friendly couple made it over to the door. Annie asked for Doctor Grant and found out that he was fired and arrest due to theft his sentence was one year ago. Annie Eddowes was shocked that she had trusted a criminal to care for her dear mother. The doctor prescribed Catherine to be held up right at all times so, she would not choke on her own puke and for her to lay off any alcoholic beverages. Annie helped her mother into a taxi and the two of them drove home when they got to the front porch, Annie helped her up the steps into the house then, guided her mother, Catherine to the bedroom where Annie placed two pillows behind her mother’s back in order to keep her head held high. After this she secretly hid her mother's secret booze stash. The next day the infermentry called the Eddowes resistance, Annie thought they were just going to send over some nurse to assist her mother and was shocked to find out that her mother was in fact pregnant. Annie dropped the phone and ran up to mother’s room. The baby was expected in June next year. Worried about her drinking problems and the cost of another baby Annie phoned her mothers friend Thomas Conway. Thomas traveled to the Eddowes resistance to meet his daughter. Thomas stepped inside the home where he saw Catherine. “Hello, my dear.” Thomas said politely. Catherine respond “Hello, Thomas, my good friend.” Their conversation was interrupted by John Kelly who came up to Catherine
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