Greed And Obitivity

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In a society with too much greed and possessions can lead the world that is inhumane. People are never satisfied with what they currently have, they always desire for more or better than this or that person. Throughout history and literature, greed is a classic topic in human development that naturally affects many of our decisions. Of Course, people would agree that increase of possessions is a way to motivate us in order to reach a certain height of success. Greed doesn’t mean you have a sin, it’s just how the world works. There is an old saying, “If you want something, work for it.” Greed doesn’t mean selfish, people just want to work toward their goals and increase their status in a cruel society that is full of judgemental people. Without greediness in our life, it would be like plain bread, without the peanut butter or the jam. One particular person in history that is well known for his ambitious action and power hungry was Hitler. Hitler used many of his tactics for people to vote for him- “motivational” speech and make Germany “better,” this way people can follow Hitler. Once Hitler had abundance followers, he wanted to dictate people live and used violence against people who disobeyed his orders. Since Hitler was a very ambitious person, he wanted to rule all of Germany and Europe and to make Germany “better”, he gets rid of “unwanted” people, which are the Jews by sending them to the concentration camp. In addition, the Jews are lack of nutrition and
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