Greed In Cameroon

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In this video, I learnt about Cameroon and how they use palm oil to strengthen their economy. In recent years, many forests have been destroyed in order to manufacture palm oil for the entire world. The people have not benefitted tremendously, as there are still many individuals and families living in poverty. The wages that the workers make can put food on the table, but not much more. The video highlighted the government’s main interest, which were the economy and not the people. They allowed big corporations to acquire land that was owned by indigenous people in order to them to benefit financially. Many children have to work for the corporations as well, in order to make enough money for their families. Communities are finding themselves…show more content…
Over 30, 000 people were injured after Trafigura, the third-largest oil trader in the world, disposed tonnes of toxic material on West Africa’s streets. Many people had burns on their body, or suffered from severe nausea and headaches. Some of the people even died. Even worse, Trafigura did not admit to their wrong doings, and only paid for the damages made in nature. They never issued an apology saying that what they did was their fault, and they were sorry. How can a company like this one still be allowed to make money after they neglected the well being of people, and carelessly dumped toxic waste onto the…show more content…
Many children are negatively affected from high levels of lead in the soil. Up to a 100, 000 children may have been poisoned by the lead, interfering with their intellect and future. Many reports have also come up saying that the lead poisoning affected the children’s growth. Also, some children that have been poisoned have trouble learning and focussing. The lead company is reopening, and they are going way over the limit on the amount of toxic fumes you can emit. This is putting children and individuals in the area at risk.

I don’t understand why companies are putting peoples lives at risks in order to make more money. That is just wrong, and I don’t know why the government is allowing them to do this. The company and the government know very well that the fumes and dust are impacting the children’s development stage. It is very important for world leaders to step in, in order to help these people living here. Like the video said, this place is one of the most polluted places in the world, so this should be taken care of immediately so it never happens
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