Greed Is The Worst Of The Seven Deadly Sins

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Greed is the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins because it leads to arrogance, self-destruction and fear. It is the worst of all the Seven Deadly Sins because it causes arrogance when relationships are involved. First of all, arrogance and greed ruin marriages. Arrogance along with greed causes people to believe that they do not need the companionship of others, because they have their wealth. For example, my friend’s father, Mr. Ortiz had won the lottery a few years ago, the total sum was about ten million dollars. Before, he was working in a distribution factory for Walmart only making about nine dollars an hour. So, Mr. Ortiz quit his job and began buying expensive cars, clothes, and houses thinking that he did not need anything to make himself happy…show more content…
First, Fear has the power to interfere with relationships. Fear brings about the belief that people are only in a relationship with the person for their material possessions. For example, if a person of excessive wealth deals with people in his family and friends that often ask for substantial amounts of money, they become suspicious of why a person is involved in their life. Also, greed and fear makes many believe that they will never have enough wealth, which causes them to become greedy. For example, my grandfather works harder than anyone I have ever seen before. Even though, he has retired with a significant amount of wealth, he fears that one day he will not be able to take care of my grandmother. As a result, he continues to work countless hours every day to convince himself that his wealth will never leave him. People that have fear and greed will never be satisfied with anything they currently have. A person could have everything there heart desires, but will never be satisfied. It causes people to question their relationships with others. Lastly, greed is considered the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins because it causes arrogance, fear and self- destruction in a person’s
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