Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Wrath, And Gluttony The Seven Deadly Core Sins

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Greed, Sloth, pride, lust, wrath, envy, and gluttony the seven deadly core sins. All of these sins are sadly sometimes a common occurrence in the human population. Day by day these occur all over the world in every corner of this earth these sins reside. This story will go over three things about the whole sinology, and those are how they are used in real life, the damaging effects that they cause, and its possible effects on society as a whole. This story will also be 7 paragraphs long not including this paragraph right here and at the end. January 4th 2017, on this day not too long ago four black teenagers kidnapped a disabled white teenager and tortured him for what seems like roughly two days. The four teenagers partially scalped…show more content…
FIrst thing to note is this one is not based on lust rather it is semi based on wrath with a side of lust. After Ricardo dropped out of high school he became socially awkward, and thus caused him to be enthralled by celebrities. He did become fixated at first with an american actress, but quickly lost interest with her in 1993 and this leads to his last and fatal fixation. After a while of dealing with this feeling he started to lose his sense of reality, and even fantasized about building a time machine to travel back to the 1970’s to become friends with her. In 1996 Ricardo learned she had a romantic relationship with another musician named Goldie, and to be frank Ricardo was absolutely livid at this and wrote that down in his journal. Sooner and later he started to snap and ultimately decided that he needed to kill her, therefore he decided to construct a letter bomb after the failure of his HIV needles bomb plan. The bomb which would disfigure the user who opened the book was to be sent to Bjork 's place, and then he would commit suicide. Lopez in a completely delusional fantasy had hoped that the bomb would kill her and the two would unite in heaven. He had killed himself sometime in the morning on september 12, 1996 via gunshot to the head by a .38 caliber pistol. The police department later identified the body and watched the tape helping them track and isolate the bomb before it reached Bjork. The

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