Greed : The True Heart Of Darkness

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Greed: The True Heart of Darkness
Garrett Wixon
Current Student at Mat-Su College

The aim of this essay is to discuss in detail the background of the Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness, and the atrocities that occurred. The whole idea of imperialism in the book is based on the rule of King Leopold II, and that the company is one of the many that he would use to extract the resources. The book also shows the maltreatment of the native Congolese in explicit detail, similar to how the true events would occur. The text also recognizes historical events and practices that were current at that time. It called into mention a certain act that we see at the fort in which Kurtz rules; the act of placing severed heads on pikes. The story also refers to the tribes as being uncivilized, and even at times fearful.
Greed: The True Heart of Darkness
In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, the main character Marlow ever searching for the seemingly legendary Kurtz, beholds some of the horrors of the Congo, or did he? In Heart of Darkness, there is a specific plot point at which Marlow paid witness to the suffering of the African population. And thus is the case in the real life events that led to the writing of this book.
Part I: King Leopold II
On April 9, 1839, a baby boy was born to King Leopold I and Queen Louise. This baby boy was Leopold II. Leopold was an angry child, and as he grew older, he remained more and more emotionally distant to others. This was perhaps caused…

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