Greed and Sucess in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Essay

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Americans take less vacation time. Americans work longer hours. Americans retire later. Americans revolve their lives around work. Americans overwork themselves. They dedicate their entire lives to their careers, to being promoted to a higher position, to attaining that higher payroll, to only get farther in the workplace. Americans are so caught up in their jobs and careers that they end up neglecting other things like their personal lives . Unlike people from other countries, Americans do not take enough lesiure time for themselves.
Americans have little to no time off each week. According to the article, “Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil”,some countries give workers 37-48 hours off each week. Other countries give workers 24-36 hours off each week.Americans in comparison have barely any hours off(Gilson).Even on the weekends , Americans find their lives consumed by work. A survey given to employed email users showed that 50% of them checked their work email on the weekends and 34% check work email while on vacation(Gilson).Americans cannot find a medium between their work lives and their personal lives.
The same article showed other factors that play into the overworked life of an average American, and one of them is the 67% increase in cost of living since 1990(Gilson). Or, the fact that one’s annual salary at minimum wage is merely $15,080. In addition to that, one must have a $30,000 income in order to say that they genuinely have econmic…