Greek Amphitheaters

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A man strolls down a barren road, his eye catches a glimpse of a majestic column. While approaching the grand column, he is amazed by its architectural beauty. The stone is carved into remarkable designs. Mighty aqueducts hover over him sending chills down his spine. The roar of the crowd in the nearby theater startles him from his peaceful stroll. Those architecture elements can be found all around our world today. Greek architecture has dramatically influenced modern day architecture by the use of columns, theaters, and public structures.
Greek architects invented several different styles of columns; the simplest column, called the Doric column, is used throughout architecture today. “In the Doric Order, the column shaft is simple
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Greek amphitheaters have to seat in a circular formation, and “they were usually outdoor arenas where people watched sporting events and plays” (Wesley). Amphitheaters are used sporting events plays all throughout the nation. They were created to seat massive crowds of people to watch the particular event. Throughout the nation, amphitheaters are used to view sporting events and play. America’s sport, football, uses amphitheater style to seat an ocean of fans giving thousands of people the opportunity to watch the sport. Theaters have been a major influence from the Greeks, but we also use a lot of the Public Structures from…show more content…
Hygiene was of high importance to the Greeks so their communities provided public bath houses. "Aqueducts provided the water to the public baths, the baths were heated and cooled, dirty water was replaced with clean water, and exercise and massage rooms were available" (Wesley). Modern day bathhouses which we refer to as spas are really similar to Ancient Greece bathhouses. Spas today provide a variety of different styles of baths, exercise rooms, and message therapy (Wesley). Bathhouses have been in the world throughout the ages. Greek bathhouses continue to influence us to this day. Modern day architecture has been immensely influenced by the use of public structures, theaters, and columns once developed by the Greeks. The influence of Greek architecture has made the impossible possible, throughout our world today. As the man awakes from his daydream his is amazed by the impressive architectural elements. The elements in his dream are scattered throughout society today. The majestic columns, mighty aqueducts, and roaring theaters in within blocks of his home. The influence of the Greek architecture has shaped the world he lives
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