Greek And Roman And Greek Politics And The Nature Of Politics

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Although political institution served as the backbone of society;Greek and Roman have commonality and differences in terms of their nature of political thought, varying political ideas and unique concept of political institution that must be given emphasizes.

Nature of Political Thought

“In seeking these principles (Greek political thought), the Greek first turned to the external world. But by fifth century B.C., man’s intellectual curiosity had turned towards man himself” (Wanlass L. C., 1953)

From the different phenomena that happened in Greece, mythology become the basis of their ancient political thought which comes from the external world but when the man’s curiosity to develop his full potential this led to the principles of central controlling the universe and the ability of man to lead and form its government. The Spartans focus on social stability and its military
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Rule of law or the constitutional government must be applied. He (Aristotle) described the state as natural and necessary institution for the development of power. All citizen that is able to lead for a complete political life as possible. The state which he defined as the collective body of citizens; on the other hand the citizens are the one who has right to take part in government. Aristotle pointed out the need for separation of power and the method of political inquiry. The monarchy and aristocracy are the best form of government if preeminent excellence could obtain according to him. And economic influence and location of the state greatly affect the way of life in the society. This clearly seen in the way of life of the Athenian and Roman since both of them were encircled by the body of water and the place it
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