Greek And Roman Mythology And Importance During The Renaissance

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During the Renaissance in Italy came the revival of many aspects of life and art. One major aspect was the return of mythology in art, for prior to Renaissance all art was reflection of the church. In this paper I explore the use of mythology, mainly Greek and Roman mythology, in renaissance art: why artists such as Botticelli used, what they symbolized and how the people viewed the art in context.
During the Middle Ages, the Church and Feudalism ruled over Europe in government and religion. Art was no exception, for anything that was not associated with church or the bible was considered paganism, and frowned upon. In art the figures included and limited to holy Christian figures such as Christ and Madonna, or Church dignitaries and or local rulers. When the Renaissance began in the early 1400s it began in Italy in city-states such as Florence, Rome, and Venice. With the change in tune from
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By using mythology artists were able to create art that were both beautiful and meaningful in hidden ways based on what imagery or deities they used, and how they were used in context of their art. Often times mythology and the themes artists used around mythology had much in common with humanism and moral values such as tolerance, thought freedom, peace and self-education. . In Malcolm Bull’s book, The Mirror of the Gods. Classical Mythology in Renaissance Art, he speaks about how during the revival citizens and artists were rediscovering the deities’ meanings and their relationship to one another , and many artists used the same deity with slightly different context.
One of the most well known Renaissance artists that used mythology motifs in their work is Botticelli. He did many mythology paintings surrounding the Greek goddess of love: Venus. Botticelli used her in theme of love but he also used Venus for her connection to beauty in respect to
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