Greek Architecture And The Architecture

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Ancient Greek architects pushed for the excellence and beauty seen in their works and it has left a lifetime of legacy behind them. Greek Architecture is one of the earliest forms of architecture and it is one that has influenced architects for centuries. Ancient Greece was a collection of hundreds of city-states contributed throughout the Mediterranean and Black seas. Greek life was dominated by religion and politics. The religious temples and political buildings of the time were the biggest and most beautiful in history. The architecture was produced by Hellenic people on the Greek mainland, the Peloponnese, Aegean Islands, Anatolia, and Italy. It has flourished since it was produced and has been influencing other countries for centuries. Ancient Greek architects perfected the use of columns which was seen on all of their temples and government buildings. These columns came in three particular orders that were created during different times periods. The three defined orders are the Doric order, Ionic order, and Corinthian order. These orders serve the basis of Classic architecture. The Doric order was the earliest order of Greek architecture. This particular order was not overly decorative and served the sole purpose of being effective and supporting the buildings. In Doric temples, columns have no base and they look simple but strong. On the top of the columns, there is a capital and a square block under the architrave. During the Archaic period in Greece, which was from
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