Greek Art And Greek Architecture

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Greece No matter where you are, chances are you have witness an inspiring piece of Greece art and Greece architecture. Whether it’s a building, furniture, or pottery, you have seen ideas that started from Greek. Even houses have resemblance to some of the most famous buildings we seen throughout history. “The architecture of ancient Greece is defined by the temples built to glorify their gods and goddesses and express pride in their cities.” Though in today’s world we may not glorify gods and goddesses when we began to design a home, but we do know how to turn once-traditional into a more contemporary feel. Modern Greek architecture is generally constructed with wood, unbaked bricks, limestone and marble, and terracotta and metals. Contractors today still use the methods, and of all the architectural designs used by ancient Greeks throughout history, three major systems have withstood the test of time and are still used today. Doric, Ionic and Corinthian styles have their own characteristics, but, however they can look very similar. The Doric (sturdiest) was based on the proportions of a man. It was the first order and arguably the most famous Greek system used in today’s world. It seemed to have known base and has the simplest capital atop the fluted shaft. The Parthenon communicated the ideals of the order and harmony for what Greek architecture is known for. As for the Ionic it was lighter in character to reflect the portions of women. Unlike the Doric originating
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