Greek Culture In My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Toula is a Greek girl who was always the weird kid when growing up. Toula was the nerdy Greek girl as a child. Toula’s father Gus is a very ethnocentric man, who believes the Greek culture invented everything. He says every English word came from an ancient Greek word. Gus is the head of the house making the family patriarchal. Toula’s mother Maria sometimes plays the dominant role. Her father believes that she should get married to a Greek man, have Greek babies, and feed everyone until the day we die. Toula’s older sister Athena lives up to those expectations when she marries and has three children. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is full of Greek culture.
Her father was telling her he wanted her to get married soon because she “looked old.” Toula stops paying attention when she sees a handsome man. She walks
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Gus gets upset and depressed because Ian did not ask for permission and he is non-Greek. The family wants Ian to get baptized in a Greek church and he does for Toula. Ian begins to become accustom to the Greek lifestyle to please Toula’s family. Toula invites Ian’s parents to the house for dinner and her whole entire family is there. Gus and Maria hug Rodney and Harriet showing they are a close contact culture. Rodney and Harriet are taking aback because they are not usually around so many people.
The wedding day finally arrives and Toula’s side of the church is full while Ian’s side is not. The wedding is a traditional Greek wedding. Once married they get into the limo. At the reception Gus gives a speech about not being sure of Ian. He says he has now grown to like him. Maria and Gus present Ian and Toula a present. They have bought them a house. She cries and hugs her parents.
In the end we find out the house is next door to Toula’s parents. Toula now has a daughter who goes to Greek school. Her daughter ask her “Why do I have to go to Greek school?” and Toula says so she can marry who she
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