Greek Culture : The Greek Of The Mediterranean Sea And Between Italy And Turkey

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Greek Culture

Off the shore to the north of the Mediterranean sea and between Italy and Turkey there is a small country called Greece. This country touches the Aegean sea, the Sea of Crete and the Mediterranean sea. Long ago in Ancient greece it was a place filled with great poverty but was considered the foundation of western civilization.

The Greek society was divided into four social classes that was all based on wealth. The wealthier a person was the higher in the classes they would rise. The classes weren 't limited to where a person was stuck in one his whole life but they could fluctuate between classes. In the city of Sparta, if a man finished his education then he would be considered equal to every other man that finished their education. In Athens men were the dominant sex. They were the only ones that could be citizens and have an education if they were in the upper class. But men were also in charge of supporting their family by work or investments. If men were not in training for the military or busy talking about politics they would usually go to the theater for entertainment. They would watch plays that included tragedies and comedies. Usually the plays involved politics or a god of some kind.

Women were in charge of the household. They managed the supplies and oversaw the slaves, who cooked, cleaned, looked after the babies, and fetched water from public fountains. Women had few political rights and were expected to take care of the house and have…
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