Greek Entertainment Inc Executive Summary

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AMC Entertainment Inc. is the owner and operator of AMC Theaters, which is an American movie theater chain. AMC Entertainment Inc. operates the largest movie chain in the world and also the largest in the United States after acquiring Carmike Cinemas in 2016. AMC Entertainment Inc. operates with over 10,000 screens in 905 theaters across the world. AMC Entertainment has the largest market share of the United States theater industry, with its biggest competitors being Regal Entertainment Group and Cinemark Theaters.
Mission and Broad Objectives: AMC Entertainment Inc.’s. Mission statement is "We make smiles happen!" The company takes pride in the idea that they provide a product that is meant to make people happy. The company is intent on providing a movie going experience that is safe and memorable. The primary objectives of AMC Entertainment Inc. are:
• To be recognized as the leader in the movie theater industry for its quality service and innovation.
• To provide guest with the best and most affordable movie-going experience in the industry.
• To expand global distribution of programming networks around the world.
External Analysis: All companies are affected by external factors. In order for a company to sustain or gain a competitive advantage it must constantly analyze its threats
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and the theater industry on a whole. A demographic analysis entails examining the age, gender, ethnicity etc. of people who frequently attend movies and vice versa. According to Theatrical Market Statistics about 65% of the US population attends at least one movie per year. Statistics indicate that individuals between the ages of 18 and 39 frequently attend movies. However, as Figure 2.1 illustrate the movie industry including AMC is falling short in terms of appealing to individuals 40 years and older. AMC is missing out on a major segment of the
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