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10 Uncommon Foods that were Eaten by the Greeks
Date | Greece - Food | C.J. Hawkings

Food is essential for every person around the world. Every culture has their own foods and delicacies. Greece is no different to any other country in the world that has its own unique cuisine.

Greece is well known for its… uncommon and kind of weird food choices. Let’s just say they like to bite off more than they can chew.

Embrace the odd foods that Greeks call everyday specialities and perhaps you find something that you like.

10. Lamb’s Head
The first item on the list is probably the most grossest. Said to be ideal for a ‘romantic dinner for two’ the lamb’s head is like cooking half of a pig’s head, or a sheep’s head. Whoever thought that eating a lamb’s head was romantic, had to be sick in the head. Get it? Okay, that was a
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Fish roe an olive oil make up the main components of the dips and it can be eaten with bread or potato. Okay, this dish doesn’t seem too bad to eat. Just pretend that the colour is something other than pink. Just a word of caution the correct spelling is said to be ’TARAMOSALATA’.

5. Gyro
Are you a fan of Greek food? Are you a fan of the Mexican taco? Do you like wraps and the Mexican burrito? Well, good news! There is a food out that is a combination of the three! Meet the Gyro!

It looks like a taco but can be made into a wrap. There is plenty of flavour that comes from the meat. There is plenty of ways you can jazz up your gyro. Cook up ground lamb, garlic and bacon into a meatloaf like mass. Then the next thing to do is to cook or rather, bake it a low enough temperature.

4. Patsas
Patsas are often known to be the ideal fix for a hangover. Because the Greeks are not really known for their drinking, do not let this fact fool you. When they drink, it is best that they slow down. However, this is not about the Greek people and their drinking habits. This is about their dish known as
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