Greek Healthcare Students ' Knowledge And Perceptions On The Aids Epidemic

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Ruhavi Mudumba November 18, 2014
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INTRODUCTION: The paper deals with the knowledge and perceptions of Greek healthcare students on the AIDS epidemic. The HIV disease is viewed as the most obvious string for general wellbeing around the world(1). Since the onset of the AIDS pestilence until late years, the malady predominance was discovered to be expanding(2). According to Dimitrios Zikos, Marianna Diomidous, Efrosini Tzimogianni, the increment in the quantities of HIV bearers and patients in Greece is because of a change in sexual conduct, concentrating on various sexual accomplices and additionally on the truth of not taking any precautionary measures amid the sexual demonstration. They also determine that the lion 's share of the HIV positive diagnosed cases are youthful grown-ups in the age of 35 and more seasoned. According to few research studies conducted by Dimitrios Zikos, Marianna Diomidous, Efrosini Tzimogianni to investigate the attitudes and knowledge of 720 young students who were registered at the official Greek Unemployment Organization, there was racism towards HIV carriers and patients. The research also resulted in a rate of 27.1% saying that HIV transporters and patients ought to be socially disengaged to abstain from spreading the ailment, while the 15.1% showed up for be aloof towards AIDS victimized people(3). In the same

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