Greek Heroes In The Odyssey, And Oedipus Rex

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The classics of Greek literature: The Iliad, The Odyssey, and Oedipus Rex by their respective authors Homer and Sophocles have given us possible insight into how the Ancient Greeks Heroes viewed themselves. Although the Heroes of Ancient Greeks often possessed god-like powers and skills, a closer look reveals that they seem to view themselves as weak children at the mercy of the gods.
The Greek Heroes are portrayed as godlike in their stories such as the Iliad and the Odyssey they are the main characters. These heroes were subjected to the toy like treatment from opposing gods. Demonstrating her superiority, Athena uses her divine powers to trick Hector into fighting Achilles “Athena luring him (Hector) on with all her immortal cunning….” (186-187). Athena had to forcibly trick Hector into fighting Achilles because hector was afraid of the Greek hero. This can show that the god simply adjusted the battle to favor her pawn Achilles.
Obviously, Greek Heroes possessed the superhuman-like ability. They were blessed with gifts that
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However, they did not often always remember their place on the food chain. In addition to forgetting, mortals often aggravated the gods by disrupting temples and prophets. So this would lead to severe punishment from the angered god. The heroes simply acted like disobedient children who had to be punished when they stepped out of line.
Manipulation of mortal lives is one thing that the gods loved to do. This can be seen clearly in Oedipus Rex. The myth itself revolves around how his parents were presented with a prophecy from Apollo. This prophecy stated that the child would kill his father and marry his mother “Aye, through fear of evil oracles…. They said he should kill his parents…” (2.512.1267,1289). The pure fear that Oedipus’s parents felt must have been devastating. As their baby turned out to be a boy, their fears were kindled into a fire that consumed
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