Greek, India, and China Contributions

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Today, our lives are based on technology. We have computers, iPods, phones, televisions, etc… but, what about the unnoticeable contributions that affect us more than we could imagine. The screw for example. The screw is everywhere around us. In fact its in your computers, televisions, iPods, and phones. The screw holds your more significant objects together in place. Like the screw the contributions of Greece, India, and China all have an impact on us today but it goes unnoticeable. All of these civilizations were created around the same time and fell around the same time period. Even though all these civilizations took place in around the same time period they all have very different impacts on the world we have today. In the times of Ancient Greece, India, and China there were numerous contributions that influenced us today, but, Greece had more contributions in math and medicine that lead them to have the greatest overall impact on us today. Greece has contributed a lot to society today in the medical field and in mathematics. Starting with medicine, the modern day medical symbol was derived from Greece. The god Asclepius (the god of health) thought snakes were holy so he created the medical symbol we know of today of a staff coiled around a staff with wings (Michael and Woods, Ancient medicine: from sorcery to surgery, 56). Hippocrates was a great Greek physician and was known as the father of medicine. Hippocrates introduced a scientific way to find out how to treat
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