Greek Influence on English Language

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Indirect and direct borrowings
Since the living Greek and English languages were not in direct contact until modern times, borrowings were necessarily indirect, coming either through Latin (through texts or various vernaculars), or from Ancient Greek texts, not the living language.
Some Greek words were borrowed into Latin and its descendants, the Romance languages. English often received these words from French. Their phonetic and orthographic form has sometimes changed considerably. For instance, place was borrowed both by Old English and by French from Latin platea, itself borrowed from Greek πλατεία (οδός) 'broad (street)'; the Italian piazza and Spanish plaza have the same origin, and
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[edit]Greek as an intermediary
Many words from the Hebrew Bible were transmitted to the western languages through the Greek of the Septuagint, often without morphological regularization: pharaoh (Φαραώ), seraphim(σεραφείμ, σεραφίμ), paradise (παράδεισος < Hebrew < Persian), rabbi (ραββί).
[edit]The written form of Greek words in English
Many Greek words, especially those borrowed through the literary tradition, are recognizable as
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