Greek Influence on Rome

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“The Greek Influence on Rome” CLASSIFIED NAME Due: 20XX Throughout Roman history, there have been many changes that have taken place both in public and private domain. There was one group of people in particular who sparked very influential changes on Rome, the Greeks. Greece was highly respected around the Mediterranean in most of ancient history, because they were the more advanced society both socially and militarily. It makes perfect sense that Rome wanted to take elements of Greek culture and incorporate it into the ever growing powerhouse that Rome was becoming. With this in mind, it is important to understand the different aspects of Greek influence that ended up shaping Rome. The involvement of the Greeks in everyday…show more content…
These elites were impressed with Greek civilization, and implemented certain Greek subjects into their everyday lives. One of the adopted subjects was philosophy. The Greeks had many great philosophical minds like Epicurus, Socrates, and Zenon. The two forms of philosophy that educated Romans were interested in, and supported, were Stoicism and Epicureanism [ (Shelton 421) ]. They gave Romans piece of mind and comfort, due to how relaxing the methods being taught were [ (Shelton 421) ]. In fact, Epicureanism had a lot to do with the idea that pleasure is nothing more than freedom from anxiety. This was what the Romans needed during the late Republic, when the expansion caused complications in the lives of many citizens of Rome. They used these Greek philosophies to find a way to relax during stressful times [ (Shelton 421) ]. Philosophy imported from Greece gave the Romans something to think about, leaving a footprint in the minds of Rome’s citizens for generations. Having a healthy amount of well educated Greeks inside Rome’s walls was taken advantage of by elite Roman families. They were not used solely for the use of the elites themselves, but for the children within the elite families. Romans started to adopt a Greek style of education by the second century BCE [ (Winn) ]. One aspect of education that the Romans were trying to obtain a mastery of was Greek rhetoric. It was a way of convincing others to side with your opinions
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