Greek Myth And Play Oedipus The King Essay

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Throughout the movie Lone Star, the influence of the Greek myth and play Oedipus the King play an important role in the movie line. The influence that Oedipus has on the characters of Lone Star causes the movie to become a modern interpretation of Sophocles’ infamous play. Although the two are different and remain unique in their own regards, there are several key aspects that unite the movie and play. Without the presence of boundaries, the issue of relationships and the influence of lies and secrets on the characters and outlying communities Lone Star would not have connection to Oedipus the King. An important theme to both Lone Star as well as Oedipus The King if that of boundaries. This can be viewed in both a geographical sense as well as a personal journey. Sam Deeds in Lone Star recently returned home to take up the post of his late father, the Sheriff of Rio County. The town, named Frontera, lies on the border of Texas and Mexico, causing border crossing to be an apparent theme in Sam’s quest for justice. As Geoffrey W. Bakewell writes in his article Oedipus Tex: Lone Star, Tragedy and Postmodernism “Boundaries are crucial: crossing them brings knowledge and exacts a price” (39). Sam travels geographical borders in order to uncover the killer of Sheriff Charlie Wade as well as to find out more about the habits of Buddy, Sam’s late father. Sam desired to learn of the killer of Charlie Wade, even if it was his father. However, the discovery of Wade’s body opened

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