Greek Mythology : Ancient Greece

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Greek Mythology is a mystical and unique universe filled with divine beings, semi-gods, oracles, monsters, creatures, heroes, women and powerful gods with the ability to control nature, all intertwined in epic battles controlled by various times on a gigantic stage composed of temples, shines, prophecies, rituals and even a word for the dead which was called the underworld. Greek mythology itself is legend. In fact, it shows a window into the ancient past, a view of a world that existed not only in the mind of the Greek poets but also in the native hearts of Ancient Greece. Polytheistic, is to be defined as believing in more than one God in which Ancient Greeks can closely relate too. However, Ancients Greeks paid focused attention on the 12 to 14 Gods of Mount Olympus which the Gods had their own “semi-gods” and “deities”. One of which was called Pythia in Delphi, that started their rituals at the Sanctuary of Apollo. Although, Apollo was another leading God, Greeks felt intimidated by his oracles and prophecies. However, Ancients Greeks were ecstatic about their new finding of being able to communicate with all of the Gods and Goddesses. Ancient Greeks told stories about their gods. Initially, these myths were passed down verbally through generations. After surviving 400 years of “editing” the Greek tragedies and comedies went to a legendary stage to finally become the versions we now call “authentic.” One of the most well-known comedies and collections of stories
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