Greek Mythology Importance

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What is mythology? Greek mythology has been around ever since there were Greeks to tell them. This started at around 1900 BC and ended at approximately 146 BC when the romans conquered the Greeks. Because the Greeks were so old they didn’t know much about earth such as why there is night and day, why there are different seasons, why there is lightning and many other things. So they used Mythology to explain these things. In those day’s Greek mythology was a little like Christianity in that some people believed while others didn’t believe.
What is the importance of Greek mythology? Greek mythology was very important to the Greeks way back in those days because it was how they explained natural events. For example, they used Greek mythology to explain how the humans were made, what happens to them when they die and how the earth came to be. But these days there is more scientific ways of knowing these things. For example, Christians believe God created humans and
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Zeus is the Big boss of the gods and he controls the sky. He is pretty popular and is known for his addiction to women. Poseidon controls the waters and is fairly popular among the gods and the last is Hades who is the god of the underworld, he is very unpopular and is known for being antisocial. There were also what are known as the twelve Olympians which is basically a council of the lesser gods. This council was made up of the following gods: Zeus (sky), Hera (marriage and child birth), Poseidon (sea), Demeter (agriculture, fertility and the harvest), Athena (wisdom and good council), Apollo (music, poetry and art), Artemis (hunting, virginity), Ares (war), Aphrodite (love, beauty), Hephaestus (fire, metalworking and forging), Hermes (messenger of the gods, trade, thieves and sports) and either Hestia (goddess of the hearth), or Dionysus (fertility and wine). These gods ruled the world.
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