Greek Mythology Of Greek Gods

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Hannah Gjovik
Don Juan Avila Middle School
1. Zeus made Cronus throw up his siblings then cut him into little bits and threw them into Tartarus.
2. Poseidon; I’ve always wanted to control water so if I could control the seas, that’d be awesome.
3. One example is when Hera punishes the mortal women that Zeus would fall in love with. It is not always justified because sometimes Zeus would trick them into it, yet Hera punished them and not him. They believe that humans need consequences.
4. The fact that a human being can enter while alive and exit unscathed.
5. Peacock feather designs came from the eye of Argus, when Hera placed it into the feathers of it.
6. The Rape of Persephone explains why there is winter.
7. Dionysus is a symbol for resurrection because he went to the underworld and brought his mother back from the dead to Olympus.
8. Maenads were the followers of Dionysus who would tear apart any creature that crossed their paths, but Dionysus could tame them with wild berries and goat milk. Their significance is that they can be both wild and tamed creatures.
9. Dionysus has a good and an evil side because wine can be all fun and games but overused could be dangerous and terrible. It shows that the Greeks could both the good and bad sides of wine.
10. Demeter and Dionysus both show that the bond between mother and child is so strong that it would lead someone to go to extreme measures to keep the other safe.
11. Father heaven imprisoned his children because
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