Greek Mythology: Qualities Of Gods And Goddesses

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Greek Mythology Unlike Christianity, there is no single original text like the Christian Bible, it was began as an oral tradition that started in the Bronze Age. Greek Mythology was also used to explain how humankind lived and the environment that they were involved in during that time period. Myths were used to retell historical events so that people could remain in contact and close to their ancestors, the wars they fought, and remember the places they ended up exploring. Cluster 1: What are the qualities of the Gods & Goddesses? Cluster 2 & 3:: How Does Myth Explain Nature Cluster 1 What Qualities Do These Heroic God’s & Goddesses Have? Every God and Goddess has their own power, and also personality. Every single one of them represents a different trait in our Earth’s nature. They all control our weather and climate changes, so believed by the Greeks. These powerful people were full of curiosity, demand, competition, and love. Cronos wanted to be the one on top, so he killed his father to become the…show more content…
Love and trust was included in these stories. Cupid was always a “Mama’s Boy” and there was no way she was ever gonna let him go. If you were to ever get shot by one of Cupid’s arrows, you would fall in crazy love with the next person you laid eyes on. Cupid saw Psyche and eventually fell in love with her, but he never knew how to approach her. Both of Psyche’s older sisters fell in love already and have gotten married. Psyche was taken to a mountain with the nicest items, but she could never see the love of her life unless it was dark. Psyche’s sisters dared her to turn the light on next time he came home, and she did, which ruined the marriage and he flew away and she never saw him again. Eventually he came home and they lived happily ever after, but she should have trusted him so there never would of been a problem. So I believe that without trust, there really shouldn’t even be a
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