Greek Mythology : The Epic Tale The Iliad

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Greek mythology played a large role in Greek artistic styles and functions. In the case of this study, the mythological god Apollo is the subject of the artistic works of the votive known as the “Mantiklos Apollo” and the statue of “Apollo” that was found in Pireaus. These figures show a natural progression in style and technique. They are important because they represent the sacred beliefs and superstitions of their respective cultures and time periods.
The two stylistic periods represented in this study, are the Geometric period and archaic period leading into the early Classical period. The Geometric period was a time of renaissance that took place around 900-700 BC (after the fall of the Mycenaeans.) This was a time where the Greek Islands were experiencing growth, urbanization, and political division, as well as exploration of new lands, trade, and a stronger development of written and spoken language. Homer’s epic tale the Iliad was believed to be written around this time. The Geometric period gave rise to a greater amount of worship of multiple gods, creating the need for more temples to store votives (such as the Mantiklos Apollo) that were dedicated to these deities. The geometric period can be identified by their use of repeated registers of geometric shapes on pottery, and symmetrical and triangular shapes in sculpture. Most sculptures and pottery at this time were formulated using bronze or terracotta. The second style is from the late archaic/early
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