Greek Mythology: The Fall Of Ancient Greek Culture

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Greek mythology is one of the coolest things anyone could think of. The ideas of gods and goddesses coming down to earth to interact with the human race, is quite an amazing thing. In many cultures, gods are very important. The ancient greek culture is an example where mythology is very important to the people, the gods are everywhere in daily life. Yet with the made up mythology, they needed a place to begin with and the greeks are no exception, but the story of the gods beginning is very interesting. In greek culture the gods started with a war, which led to a very impact full fall, the fall of Kronos. Kronos is the king of the titans, but every king has his downfall. The king had to have his queen and Kronos's queen was his downfall. The queen didn’t stop trying for children and every time she gave birth, the child was swallowed by their father. That is until Zeus came along. When Rhea finally used her brain and headed away from Kronos a few days before she…show more content…
After a long time, when Zeus gained the trust of Kronos. The god fed the Titan nectar mixed with mustard and salt, creating a concoction that did not agree with Kronos’s stomach. The effect worked and the siblings of zeus finally emerged ready to fight the king. The battle went on for ten years, when the god sought advice from his grandmother, Gaia, she told him to go to Tartarus and free Kyklopes and the Hekatoncheires, who would then help defeat the titans. The battle ended well for the gods, but not so well for the titans, all but three were sent to down to tartarus. Atlas, the general sentenced to hold the world on his shoulders for eternity, Prometheus, as he had given Zeus advice during the war, and Epimetheus who had never participated in war. The choices of the battle were made and sides were chosen, but the gods came out on top leading to the fall of Kronos and reign of
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