Greek Mythology : The Little Mermaid, And Of Course, Hercules

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in my mind that incarnates Greek mythology are: The Little Mermaid, and, of course, Hercules. Heracles has so many films dedicated to him, but this film is a special case, because it is made for kids. To start off, I did enjoy The Little Mermaid, mainly because I love Disney, but seeing in the eyes of someone who has study Greek Mythology, it didn’t disappoint too much. That is mainly because The Little Mermaid is not a movie that is mainly based off of some myth, like Hercules, but it did incorporate a tiny bit, mainly in the form of King Triton. King Triton is shown to be the “son of Poseidon”, which is what he is in the myths, so that part is accurate. However, he wasn’t the king of the sea, and doesn’t have a daughter named Ariel, of course. Triton was actually a messenger of the sea, not the actual king of the sea. In the myths, he did hold a trident like his father Poseidon did, so that part is accurate as well. It was never stated that he hated humans, so we can’t be 100% certain that the part is inaccurate or accurate. It was a good move by the animators and filmmakers to have King Triton hold a trident, because it is a good marketing technique. It would be seen as “cool” by the kids who go to watch it, and then they would want to buy it as a toy. That can be a good thing in terms of making money, but a bad thing for the parents, because the kids would be using it as a weapon. Now, on to the might musical Hercules. One thing you should notice right of the bat,

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