Greek Mythology Throughout The Ages

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Greek Mythology throughout the Ages Greek mythology is the culmination of myths and teaching that began in Ancient Greek. These myths are diverse in the stories that they tell ranging from their gods, their heroes and the nature of the world. They also reveal much about their religious beliefs and practices during Ancient Greece. Today modern scholars study these myths in an attempt to better understand the religious and political practices of Ancient Greece and its civilization of way back when. Greek mythology can be seen in multiple forms such as spoken narratives, in literature and in various art forms (statues, vases and paintings). The known Greek myths attempt to explain the origins of human beings and how the world came to be. They also tell stories about the lives and adventures of a variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and mythological beings overall. It was usually through people know as Bards-traveling storytellers- that people got the chance to these epic tales; today the Greek myths are better known from multimedia like books, TV shows, games and movies. The oldest known Greek writing of myths is Homer 's epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey which consist of many stories like the Argonauts, Achilles, the Trojan War and its aftermath to name a few. Archeological digs also uncover more and more details about Greek mythology with every find. The myths will often be decorations on the piece featuring the heroes or gods. Greek myths have also been

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