Greek Period Of Ancient Greece

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The Greek periods were divided into the Geometric 900-700 BC, Archaic 600-480 BC, and Classical 480-400 BC periods. Greek sculptures were sometimes made in honor of their myths, gods, goddesses or heroes. The Greeks had many art styles in ancient times. Each period of ancient Greece had a distinct style to their sculptures. The Geometric, Archaic, and Classical periods all varied in their styles of artwork. Greek sculptors from all three periods had a fair amount of influence for their artworks. The philosophies of Ancient Greece also had an influence on how the sculptures were designed. The Greeks also set the stage for many architectural innovations.
The Geometric period was 900 to 700 BC. A time of a great transformation that led to the founding of primary Greek institutions. With the development of the Greek city-states came the construction of large temples and sanctuaries dedicated to patron deities, which signaled the rise of state religion. Each city-state identified with its own legendary hero or deity. By the end of the eighth century BC., the Greeks had created a number of major Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries dedicated to the Olympian gods. Evidence from the Geometric period has come down to us in the form of epic poetry, artistry, and archaeological records. There are few archaeological remains that describe the skill of artwork during this period. Monumental kraters, mostly used as grave markers, show funeral rites and heroic warriors. The findings of fine metals…

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