Greek Religion And Its Affect On The People Of Greece

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ROUGH DRAFT GREEK RELIGION AND ITS AFFECT ON THE PEOPLE OF GREECE Daily prayers and Observances Greeks thought about their gods more often than most people do nowadays. Over the course of the day the Greeks would think about the gods often. if they wanted something such as death of an enemy or a good harvest he would give a offering to a temple of the of the gods domain in which he wanted help in. Greeks went to temples to present sacrifices to please the gods or to ask for the judgment of the gods on a problem. Greeks thought the gods had control over a aspect of there life and to get help they had to please the gods. They thought that if the gods were happy good things would happen to them. the Greeks believed that the gods controlled all parts of society. Sacrifice most of the time the sacrifice was an animal like a sheep or cow or something like a cask of wine but sometimes a human would be sacrificed. the sacrifice had to be perfect and have no defects. The sacrifice was a major event. Washing and dressing in clean garments was important. Generally they wore a white or purple tunic during the sacrifice. For the sacrifice there was a strange ritual. The sacrifice would be brought to the temple by a procession led by a maiden with a jug of holy water held at the side. The sacrifice was purified by water and then was placed on the altar for the priest to sacrifice. sometimes temples were built only to sacrifice. THE MYTHOLOGY The Olympian god in the
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