Greek Writing Impact

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Chapter 1 – Introduction According to Professor Joshua J. Mark from Marist College, New York, “Writing is the physical manifestation of a spoken language.” (Mark et al, 2011) In fact, from this quote, this attains this topic needed for discussion in this research paper, in order to how writing was used for monumental purposes in the classical era. In this research assignment, one will begin to see the great impacts that writing has compassed in Ancient Greece and Rome, by presenting three commentaries on vital fields that has some of the biggest impact on writing and language; systematically through religion, politics and communal. Although, religion has probably been the greater impactor on writing , which will be discussed later on, but all three fields will be investigated as all three sources show various styles of writing relating to the material investigated. Of the three sources examined in this paper, two of which are in Ancient Greek and one in Latin. Each source will help to provide evidence to show how writing was used for monumental purposes. First source examined, is presented from ‘The Epidaurian Miracle Tablets’ in Ancient Greek, which will investigate how religion & culture had a great role to play on writing in the fourth century BCE. This source…show more content…
When analgising these three sources in the upcoming chapters, take not that all three have a strong emphasis on a specific topic that the research may suggest that was not only vital in life or death but in writing and literature too. Therefore, this evidence may lead to conclude this paper to suggest that religion was used as superiority when it came to writing in the classical periods, making religion a monumental factor in
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