Greek and Roman Architechture

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From the Parthenon to De Architectura written by the Roman Architect Vitruvius, major developments in Architecture emerged from the Greeks from third century B.C. and by the Romans up until early century A.D. from style, design, purpose, and innovative ideas. While ranging from the Greeks’ emphasis on lighting and proportions, to the Romans who preferred big, massive, and impressive structures such as the Coliseum in Rome and the Temple of Zeus in Athens, both civilizations are a model even in today’s world. When it comes to creating massive, impressive, and near perfect architectural structures, the Greeks and Romans were some of the best. But how impressive were these societies in a sense of Architecture? While the Greeks mainly thrived culturally as well as architecturally speaking between the time period of 900 BC until the 1st century AD, some of the earliest structural works date back to 600 BC. The Greeks built many structures during their time with the most produced and most well known being their temples and theatres. The Greeks were one of the most fascinating civilizations back in the ancient world. Two of the most important things in their eyes was worshiping and idolizing their many gods and goddesses as well as their love for theatre. The Greeks believed that the gods deserved a earthly home just as they do, which led to the construction of many temples, mostly dedicated to one god/goddess apiece. One of their most well known temples today is the

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