Greek and Roman Mythology

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I think the plot is gripping and electrifying. It has humor and touches serious themes such as a relationship in a family. And I guess that half-bloods, like Percy, have the hardest job. They live in two worlds, mortals with human and immortal. They are expected to understand how their actions may be explained by humans and immortals. That might make crazy any one. Also thanks to this book, I know the basic terms of Greek and Roman Mythology.
The story is about a twelve-year old, named Percy Jackson. He tells us about his past. He is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. And he always thought of himself as a troublemaker. He was expelled from different schools.
At the beginning of the story, Percy is a boarding student at Yancy Academy. There he made friends with Grover. During his school excursion he is attacked by his math teacher Mrs. Dodds, who turns out to be a fury. She accused him of having stolen the thunderbolt and demanded to bring it back to its owner. After this accident, he, escorted by his mother and Grover, is going to the Camp Half-Blood in New York. The camp is the safest place for demigods from monsters. But on their way to camp, the Minotaur assaulted them and killed his mother, Sally. But soon Percy got learn that there is a chance to save her, because she is kept in the Underworld “in hands” of Hades.
Then Percy is believed to be Poseidon’s son. Poseidon is the God of the Sea and his brothers are Zeus and Hades. But there is a conflict between

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