Greek to Roman Architecture

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It is one thing being able to identify which building belongs to which civilization, it another being able to distinguish the subtle style changes within each mega structure. Very similar to a textbook and essay, Greek architecture is like a textbook, and the Romans used the textbook to write an essay. Although not completely copied or “plagiarized” the foundation of Roman architecture is founded on Greek architecture. With the help of the Etruscan and Roman ingenuity, the Romans were able to take Greek architecture to a whole new level and call it Roman architecture. Greek architecture has been commonly looked at as the building of democracy, often time people associate the post-and-lintel building element with the Greeks. However, the Romans used post-and-lintel system in their architecture too. One of the ways of distinguishing which building belongs to which civilization, is simply looking at the style of columns used. There are three post-and-lintel styles, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Greeks mainly used Doric and Ionic columns in their architecture. “The Parthenon is often viewed as the embodiment of Classical Doric architecture” (97). The…
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