Green Architecture Essay

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Green Architecture is a method to reduce the impact on our environment by using natural resources like energy, water, and the materials that are used in the structure recycled materials or the fixtures used in the home with energy saving features, as well as making a healthier environment. With high-efficiency windows and high value insulation in the walls and floors you’re your energy would take less too cool or heat up that area.

Written by BOB BOB BOB May 2010 “The history of a green building goes back further than the 70’s in the middle of the industrial revolution that Henri Becquerel first witnessed the transformation of solar energy into electrical energy. Around this time, the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, a number of solar
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The use of fans, vents and blowers are used to distribute the heat in the areas that are needed when a roof and walls are built they are made to be well insulated with the windows letting in heat the insulation in the ceiling and walls absorb it and slowly letting off the heat. If an area is a little bigger than sky lights or more windows are used to bring in more heat.

With the landscape of the outside in mind as well if you have plants that require more attention then that cost more energy to take care of them. Think of plants that use less water conserving energy will take less to heat or cool your home if you were to have an asphalt drive then it will put off more heat making your use of air conditioning higher to keep the home cool use a natural source of rock to lessen the energy in the home.

If you were to do your laundry or the main energy usage on a sunny or windy day your going to have more energy to complete your entire task then you wouldn’t be using your back energy to complete them that is going require the most of your energy sources.

Making a home with multi function energy sources gives a wide variety of endless energy with all of them combined it can easily give energy to a home. There is going to be sunny days for your solar energy windy and rainy days for your energy as well so having all sources will make an easier life for your home and less hectic.
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