Green Areas and Parks

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ABSTRACT It is obvious that green areas and parks have enormous effects on the community or people who live in that neighborhood. Green spaces and parks help the children to have a playing area around the community which brings more comfort. Green spaces and parks beautify the community, create a pleasant environment for the people and protect the natural environment. The aim of this article is to investigate the effects of green areas and parks on people in Nicosia considering its influence on the psychology of the community in the residential areas. This research design is a qualitative research. Case studies will be used to show how green spaces and parks affect the psychological of the community and its environment at large and what…show more content…
* Definition of Green Areas and Parks * Green areas/spaces Green areas/spaces are areas of grass, trees or vegetations set aside for recreational, sporting or aesthetic purposes in an urban environment. Green areas/spaces helps the town or city to improve the life style of the people physically and health wise , they provide a place for recreation e.g. jogging, walking, cycling, meeting people and also they help reduce the stress of the people in the community from the chaos city . Some examples of such places include higher education campuses, parks/gardens and institutional or corporate grounds. Green area/space provides a town/city a relief psychologically and promotes a healthy life style. (Spring gate, 2008). Green areas/spaces aides the location for living and where to locate a business for a person in a community. Green spaces are multi-functional; they are used in many different ways. Green areas/spaces are owned and managed by either the government or private investors. Green areas/spaces can also be defined as a an area which provides light , air ,relaxation and recreational space for a community , which are generally utilized and used by the people to provide landscape features and add up to benefit the community. Green area may include these features such as lawn, planting,
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