Green Aviation : The Fastest Growing Sector Of The Major Travel Methods

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Air transportation is considered the fastest growing sector of the major travel methods. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that in 2015, airlines serving the United States carried an estimated 895.5 million passengers system wide. This was a five percent increase system wide from the previous year. The field of Green Aviation tackles environmental concerns related to air travel by coming up with ways to improve airplanes and the systems in which they fly. In order to tackle these concerns, Green Aviation focuses on flight efficiency, which will lead to safer and greener flights. Green Aviation seeks to improve flight efficiency through lightweight materials, improved aircraft design, and…show more content…
These composite materials have a high strength to weight ratio, which can allow planes to be bigger and lighter. Even though there are many benefits some drawbacks to composite materials are the inability to see whether there are cracks on the surface and repairing any damage. According to UK chemist Paul Weaver from the University of Bristol these types of repairs are currently a drawback to widespread use of composite materials(“Changing Planes”). Manufacturing composite materials is a more exhaustive labor process compared to conventional aluminum. Brian Smith, director of Boeing research and Technology explains that in order to manufacture the composite material components, many layers of material are stacked and then heated under pressure in a furnace to achieve optimum stiffness and resistance to buckling (“Changing Planes”). This long process is hoped to be curved in the near future where machines will be able to heat the materials together without having to be put into a furnace. While these drawbacks can be costly, in the long term they will pay of. Aircraft can be much lighter which greatly reduces fuel cost, also allowing for bigger planes that allow more passenger. In the long term the planes will pay themselves of. Another way to enhance flight efficiency is through improved aircraft design. With improved aircraft design the goal is to lower fuel consumption. A target which is proposed by industry analysts
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