Green Banking : A Conceptual Framework

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Banks in India are now promoting more conscious in sustainable development of the world. In this respect, RBI has introduced the new concept called Green Banking. Green Banking is mainly formulated for the purpose of bringing paperless banking in banking operations. This paper explores the glimpse of green banking and it also highlights the various products and services of green banking, list of greenest bank in global level and various initiatives taken by RBI towards green banking.
Key Words: Green Banking, Paperless Banking, RBI, Products and Services
Today we are facing so many problems relating to the environment. The major problem is climate change. Climate change is occurring due to the effect of greenhouse gas; climate change creates global warming. To avoid such a problem now, most of the industries are taking some green initiatives such as the reduction of carbon footprint and energy consumption, investing in eco-friendly projects, etc. Particularly, banking industry plays an important role in promoting sustainable development of the world. In this respect the concept of green banking has emerged as an important subject and is recognized as a tool to address the issues confronting the sustainable development and to create awareness among the people on the environmental responsibility.
ORIGIN AND HISTORY Although, it is very difficult to say as to when and where exactly the Green Banking was
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