Green Banking : Awareness On Developing Plans

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Green Banking – Awareness on Developing Plans in Public Sector Banks for Future Environment Munnu Prasad V. Abstract: Bio-diversity is the diversity of resources, where human beings are majorly dependent on natural resources. This concept is gaining momentum, as there is no proper utilization of natural resources by mankind. Green Banking is a concept which provides a number of ways to conserve natural resources in the banking industry. Green Banking means promoting environmental-friendly practices and reducing our carbon footprint generated through activities which may have contributions from the banking events. It also means promoting activities of the banking clients who are in industrial or commercial activities which do not…show more content…
Every human activity has an impact on the environment and in particular, on climate change. Our ‘carbon footprint’ is a measure of all greenhouse gases that we produce in our day-to-day life through burning of fossil fuels for electricity, heating, transportation, other usages and activities, etc. It is measured in term to units of tonnes (or kilograms) of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted. The concept of Green Banking took concrete shape in the early 1990’s, but the practicing concept of Green banking existed a long while before, back in 1940’s. It was not based on the extensive use of digital technology. The Green Banking concept resembled more the approaches and principles of Islamic Banking. There was a serious global concern that gave the push to the emergence of Green Banking concept in the 1990’s. This was the discovery by environmental scientists and climatologists of the hole in the protective Ozone layer in the earth’s stratosphere. The hole in the Ozone layer allowed dangerous wavelengths of the sun’s UV rays to enter to the earth’s atmosphere and acting as carcinogens on the human skin. This phenomenon did not directly contribute to the increase in green-house gases, which was an unrelated
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