Green Bay Packers : 2-0 ( 1 )

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1. Green Bay Packers: 2-0 (1) Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been outstanding in their first two games. Rogers has been just about perfect, completing 77 percent of his passes thus far. The defense held the two time defending NFC champs to 17 points and their running back Marshawn Lynch to 41 yards on 15 carries. Like I mentioned last week, the biggest advantage the Packers have is their continuity with each other. The team is clicking on all cylinders. Led by Randall Cobb, the receiving core has been dominant. With weapons like Cobb, James Jones, and Davante Adams on the outside, who is going to stop this Packers’ offense? 2. New England Patriots: 2-0 (2) The Patriots have the biggest non-quarterback difference maker in the NFL. Rob Gronkowski is an absolute beast of a football player. He is an unstoppable force. He is impossible to stop. In addition to Gronkowski, Tom Brady looks better than ever. He is playing with a chip on his shoulder. He, like Rogers has been just about perfect, completing 69 percent of his passes. An underrated aspect of this team is the running back position, specifically Dion Lewis. Lewis has been outstanding through the first two games. In each game, Lewis has had at least 11 touches, and has been on the field for 75 percent of New Englands’ offensive snaps. 3. Pittsburgh Steelers: 1-1 (5) The Steelers absolutely manhandled the 49ers on Sunday. Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger is the best quarterback wide receiver combo in
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