Green Benefits And Energy Savings

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Elastomeric Roof Coating | Commercial Roofing Fort Worth
Green Benefits and Energy Savings
A roof coating provides a monolithic, fully adhered, fluid applied roofing membrane with flexible properties that allows it to expand and contract with the temperature without incurring damage. It can be applied over any commercial roof substrate, curing to form a seamless 100% acrylic elastomeric membrane engineered to seal the entire roof, prolonging the roof life. The benefits of a “cool roof” elastomeric roof coating are tremendous for both your building and its commercial roofing in Fort Worth. In the following, we look at some of those benefits.
Roof Protection
Elastomeric coatings seal the roof surface providing protection from rain and wind damage. By keeping the commercial roofing in Fort Worth cool, elastomeric coating resists deterioration from the sun and weather that can result in hardening and cracking on other traditional roofs, resulting in a longer lasting, leak proof, and almost maintenance free roof. Roof coatings provide a monolithic (seamless) roof, and when properly installed can solve the problem of leaks on almost any roofing substrate, including metal roofs.

Cost Effective

A white elastomeric roof coating system costs less than the installation of a traditional new roof system. Furthermore, building owners won 't have the costs of dump fees associated with removal of the existing roofing systems.

Energy Efficiency
White is
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