Green Business : Sustainable Business

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Green business also termed as sustainable business, is considered to be an enterprise which is formed with basic purpose of minimal negative impacts on local or global environment, society, community or in economy (Caprotti, 2012). Green business is one that strives to meet triple bottom line. It is observed that green businesses often have human rights and progressive environmental policies in their strategic frameworks.
In general, green businesses are those businesses which fulfill the following four criteria (Cooney, 2009).
1. The business is comprised of principles of sustainability and each business decision follows that principle.
2. The business has the vision of supplying environmental friendly products and services that are used as substitutes demand for non-green products or services.
3. The business is usually regarded as greener than traditional competition.
4. The business has made a continuing commitment to environmental principles in its business strategies and operations as well.
The green business or sustainable business in any company has great participation in environmentally friendly green activities in order to ensure that all products, services and manufacturing activities address adequately current environmental issues while revealing profits in their financial reports (Anderson & Anderson, 2009).
In other words, it is a business that addresses the requirements of the present world without being compromised the capacity of future
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