Green Case Essay

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1. What factors contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business? Were you surprised at the reasons he gave for starting the business? Do you think the decision to start the business was wise? Why or why not? There were a number of factors that contributed to Andrew Keller starting the biodiesel business. Keller had always been concerned with the environment. He was interested in coming up with a greener alternative to home heating and fueling. This was a business venture that not many had taken on so Keller felt that it was a good opportunity. There were also some very personal reasons that Keller started this business. Through a phone call one day, Andrew and his wife found out that they would be taking in three children.…show more content…
Due to the fact that most people already have the fueling and heating company that they have made business with for years, it is hard to start up one. Keller was very smart when dealing with customers. In order for him to be successful, Keller needed to educate customers on his product and how it will benefit them. A major strength that helped Andrew with running his company is the relations he had with people. When opening a business, it is almost necessary to you to have connections and Keller definitely did. Another one of Keller’s strength was that he is great marketer. He was really good in finding ways to reach out to his customers. His main weakness has to be that he was more focused on how he was benefitting the environment and the social aspects of it rather than the profit he was making. He neglected the financial side of the business. An action Keller took that was both good for the sustainability and the business was when he started the Congreenience store. It promoted the sustainability for the company, educated more people, and brought much more business. Keller was always focused on doing the right thing for environment which was good for the sustainability but not always good for the business. He wasn’t very much focused on making profit. 3. Do you think that Andrew Keller is well suited to be a successful entrepreneur, why or why not? I do think that Andrew Keller has the

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