Green Computing Project Charter

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Project Title: Green Computing Project Charter Date of Authorization: April 30, 2012 Project Timeline: May 1, 2012 through December 1, 2012 Project Manager: Douglas Branson, 901-344-0979 x. 32, Summary Schedule: The Green Computing Project will follow a six month schedule. Components of the project have been divided into phases. Phase 1 Begins May 1: Examine all current computing processes for energy efficiency and identify areas for improvements. This includes ensuring regulatory compliance. Phase 2 Begins June 15: Implement new energy efficient cooling system for data center. Phase 3 Begins August 1: Establish recycling program and identify ways to eliminate and/or decrease corporate "e-waste". This will also include examining the biodegradability of defunct products. Phase 4 Begins September 1: Identify and replace any hazardous conditions or materials currently in use. Phase 5 Begins October 1: Establish and support telecommuting via Skype access, video conferencing and the virtualization of server resources when and where appropriate. Phase 6 Begins November 1: Implement thin client solutions and open source software. Phase 7 Begins December 1: Final rollout of all recommendations which will include the implementation of energy-efficient central processing units (CPUs) and peripherals. Project Budget Summary: An estimated expenditure of $500,000 has been established for this project. Project Objectives: Green technology is gaining more and
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