Green Design Is Becoming The Most Indispensable Part Of Modern Interior Design

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With the development of people 's living standards, the further awakening of environment protection, ‘green’ design is becoming the most indispensable part of modern interior design. So what is green design?Green Design in today 's society, many aspects of applicationsare now Green Design has become a kind of fashion, people 's consumption consciousness gradually turns to Green consumption. Green design, also known as eco-design, environmental design, its mean to use the information (technical information, and environmental information, economic information) of the products life cycle or related to the product, also use design theory, make a advanced technical of interior design, and a nice environment and reasonable economic coordination system of the design method. Green design focuses on the ecological balance of the relationship between human and nature, in every decision of the design process are fully considered the environmental benefits and minimize damage to the environment. In terms of design, green design is the core of '3R ', namely, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse, not only to minimize material and energy consumption, reduce emissions of harmful substances, and to make products and components to easily waste separation and recycling or reuse. Green design is not only a technical consideration, more important is the change in a concept, requiring designers to give up too much emphasis unconventional of the product appearance, and will focus on innovation in the true

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