Green Design Using The Emerging Technology

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The architects have been working tirelessly to come up with green design using the emerging technology as a way of enhancing sustainability not only on the structure, but also to the environment. However, Ghani (21) notes that in order to have a sustainable environment, there is a need to create environmentally responsible minds. The scholar says that we cannot achieve sustainable development if the members of the society do not appreciate and uphold the principles of sustainability. The role of architects in designing structures, especially in the urban settings, that will help in convincing the society that we need to protect our environment for future generation is, therefore, very important. That is why the concept of Green…show more content…
Problems of Green Architectures
According to Stauskis (184), there has been a raging debate as to whether green architecture has actually achieved its original goal or not. To answer this question, it is important to understand how green architecture works. It is the responsibility of the architects to meet the needs of their clients in a way that does not threaten the environment. Green architecture involves designing and developing structures that do not pose threats to the environment. As we struggle to achieve the current needs today, we have the responsibility to protect the interests of the future generation. Chambers (13) says that the emergence of high rise building was an example of a huge breakthrough in the field of architect. It facilitated rapid development of cities around the world as human beings started putting into use the vertical space. However, green architecture goes beyond this. It involves how technology can be used to develop structures that are environmentally friendly. This starts by defining the materials that are safe to the current and future generation when designing structures. The materials must then be extracted from their natural sources in a way that they will have the least possible negative impact on the environment. For instance, if it is harvesting of trees, it must be done in a sustainable manner so that it does not pose any
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