Green Forest Is Easy On The Eye

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Green forest is easy on the eye, it breaks the harshness of roads and buildings and adds interest to farmland and mountain slopes. In its sanctuary birdsong and air currents play with your auditory senses and aroma 's of nectar, decayed logs and leaves fill the air.
After a long absence from New Zealand, I decided to reacquaint myself with the types of forests found in the Land of the Long White cloud. In this article, I have based the forest communities on the categories from The New Zealand Plant Conservation Network: Beech Forest, Podocarp/broadleaf and Kauri Podocarp/broadleaf.
An introduction
New Zealand is in a temperate zone, located between the Antarctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn. It is also in the path of the roaring forties, a strong westerly wind circling the globe, between the latitudes of forty and fifty degrees. Etched by fiords, mountain ranges, volcanoes, plains, plateaus and just over 15,000 kilometres of coastline, it shapes a diverse landscape.
Over time, plants have evolved and adapted to this landscape and climate. Today there are 2,418 native species of forest plants, which includes ferns and grasses. Native mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens make up approximately another 3,480 plants. Most plants are evergreen with about (still counting) 28 deciduous species.
Beech Forest
“I like how a montane beech forest defines a distinct line across mountain slopes and the excitement you feel when you emerge into the alpine zone”.
Found on hilly

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