Green Growth Is Not Just A Moral Choice

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Introduction Green growth can be seen as a way to pursue economic growth and development, while avoiding environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and unsustainable use of natural resources. Making business sustainable is not just a moral choice. It’s a practical one. Being eco-friendly and socially thoughtful is an overhaul of what is known about business: it requires business owners to reconsider everything from suppliers to which products to stock on the shelves. Companies in every industry are re-evaluating their operations in order to become more ecologically conscious while remaining competitive. The results suggest that green foreign direct investment in HMIL will increase over the future period 2020, and that, as a result today’s vision will be tomorrow’s reality for Hyundai Motor India Ltd. and it is upto the government to encourage its growth. Need and Significance of the study Becoming sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible is that the kind of thing that an eco friendly business must resort to. With the above backdrop, the present study seeks to throw light on the opportunities, challenges and suggestions to overcome the challenges of eco friendly business. This paper identifies the potential eco friendly business opportunities. Objectives of the study 1. To know about the potential eco friendly business opportunities. 2. To explore the benefits of sustainable innovation in eco friendly business. 3. To identify the challenges of eco friendly
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